About Us

pattens-stone-work-020By offering solutions for all aspects of property management, we are able to service nearly anything our clients require.

We provide peace of mind and quality of service.

Our mission is to enhance the experience of outdoor living by creating a standard of excellence in landscapes, masonry and maintenance. Through the implementation of the best resources and technologies, we constantly push the envelope of our capacity to enhance nature’s beauty for our clients.

It’s Your Property. Your way.

New England Lawn & Garden Care provides the highest level of landscape and maintenance service. Sound decision making means a sound investment for you.

We are always available for a property consultation.

New England Lawn & Garden Care provides a vast variety of products and services. Our community places a priority on trust, service, quality materials and installation standards. By providing all of these and more, New England Lawn & Garden Care makes a lasting impression. Customers buy from those they trust. We provide a “one-stop shop” philosophy that equals easy property management.

Valerie Ross: Owner